Committee of Foreign Leaders: Loukachenka’s illegitimate regime long ago disappeared

The U. S. government will cooperate with European allies according to other Belarusians’ preference to live in a flexible democratic state, Voice of America reports.

The leaders of the U. S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, Democrat Grepassry Meeks, and Republican Michael McCall say the United States “stands in solidarity with the rest of the people of Belarus and is encouraged by the fact that, week after week, so many people take to the streets and claim the right to discover their future. “

According to members of Congress, “Loukachenka’s illegitimate regime disappeared a long time ago and allowed others to hold new free and fair elections, and release all political prisoners. “

Committee leaders also noted that they were “fully committed to cooperation with our transatlantic allies for the aspirations of other Belarusians in their pursuit of democracy, human rights, the rule of law and greater respect for their country’s sovereignty. “”

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