Coronavirus Live News: Norway will close borders for all visitors; shortage of vaccines in Madrid

Norway will close its borders from Friday; Madrid’s fitness government announces two-week break after problems

Portuguese hospitals flooded with Covid-19 patients would possibly not meet the rising demand for oxygen, the head of the physicians deal said on Wednesday, after the partial failure of a giant hospital’s source formula due to overuse.

A total of 53 patients had to be transferred from Fernando Fonseca hospital in Lisbon on Tuesday night to save him from collapsing his oxygen system.

The challenge is the lack of oxygen, but the fact that reservoirs are not able to supply it with enough tension to so many patients at once, told the observer radio the director of the College of Physicians, Miguel Guimaraes.

“What is in these hospitals, and especially in Lisbon, is that their capacity has been greatly exceeded. This is what we call ‘disaster medicine’,” he said.

“We are offering patients the service we can under the circumstances. The solution is to move to other hospitals. The challenge is whether the other hospitals are full too. “

Portugal, which has reported 653,878 cases of Covid-19 and 11,012 deaths, struggles to handle a post-Christmas increase, with two-thirds of hospitals in their large care beds for patients with coronavirus and army hospitals converting covered coffee shops to create more Reuters reports in the area.

Fernando Fonseca Hospital said in a statement that its oxygen source formula was now solid and under constant surveillance.

Drug regulator Infarmed said Tuesday that the country had more than enough oxygen production capacity and suggested hospitals not buy it in trouble.

The German and Portuguese governments are evaluating the German aid imaginable to Portugal in the coronavirus pandemic, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday, adding that there was no formal request from Lisbon.

Switzerland will require negative coronavirus testing from others entering the country from high-risk spaces starting February 8, the government announced Wednesday.

The federal government will now pay for all coronavirus tests, adding those of others without symptoms, Neue Zeitung reports:

Large-scale control aims to identify and involve local outbreaks of infection at an early stage, for example in schools, especially in the context of the maximum contagious mutations circulating.

The Federal Council writes that more than part of Covid-19 transmissions are likely to happen through others without symptoms.

The government has also proposed doubling the federally and cantonal government-funded fund to five billion Swiss francs ($5. 63 billion) for companies most affected by restrictions to reduce infections.

Reuters reports:

[The government] prolonged unemployment for 3 months, a move that would charge about 500 million francs, and said the federal government would finance about 6 billion francs in additional expenses to cover the payment of staff with reduced operating hours.

“It is transparent that other people without paintings on this stage have little chance of finding a new job,” said Swiss President Guy Parmelin.

“With today’s decision, the federal government is paving the way for around 8 billion francs for partial unemployment and sensitive cases. Not everything is perfect, but we are working. “

This month, Switzerland intensified its measures to combat the new variants of the Covid-19 virus that are spreading across the country while preventing the complete blockade that neighbouring countries have followed to quell the pandemic.

The health government has reported more than 515,000 and around 8,500 deaths in Switzerland and neighbouring Liechtenstein since the pandemic outbreak in February 2020.

A plant in Wales that produces Covid vaccines for AstraZeneca has been evacuated after receiving a suspicious package, the company that operates it announced on Wednesday.

British police said they are dealing with an ongoing incident.

This Reuters here:

“Wockhardt UK in Wrexham won a suspicious package on site this morning. All relevant governments were informed and engaged,” the company said, referring to its move to Wales.

“On the recommendation of the experts, we have partially evacuated the site pending a full investigation. The protection of our workers and the continuity of operations remain of the utmost importance. “

Previously, the BBC reported that a police bomb deactivation unit had been in the factory.

Sweden, which rejected a total blockade of the pandemic, recorded 4183 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, according to Statistics from the Health Agency.

The country of another 10 million people recorded 178 new deaths, bringing the total to 11,425. The recorded deaths occurred over several days and weeks.

Sweden’s per capita mortality rate is several times higher than that of its Nordic neighbours, but it is lower than that of several European countries that have opted for the blockade.

Its neighbour Denmark, for example, had, as of 25 January 2030, Finland 655, Norway 550 and Iceland 29.

Mikael Damberg, the secretary of the House in Stockholm, said Sunday that the norwegian border would be closed until mid-February and that bans would be imposed with Denmark and the United Kingdom, either because of the new variant, the Financial Times reported. .

The Madrid Health Government has suspended covid-19 vaccination this week and the next one is running out of doses, Madrid’s regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, said Wednesday.

Reuters reports:

The region has stopped vaccinating new people, retaining the few doses that the vaccine still wants to give patients for a moment, Aguado said.

The Madrid region has already vaccinated another 180,000 people since the start of the campaign, he said.

“Unfortunately, as we suspected, deliveries have stopped,” he said.

Spain administered just over 1. 3 million doses to a previous organization of citizens of number one care and medical care centres, of which about 10% have already won a vaccine so far.

During this first phase, the government plans to vaccinate about 2. 5 million others until the end of February.

Spain reported on Tuesday 591 deaths, the highest mortality rate of the 3rd wave, El País reports, amid a slow accumulation of new infections.

The number of new instances on Tuesday 36,435, the same point observed a week ago and far from the 44,357 reported on Thursday, January 21.

The official death toll in the country is now 56,799, but surplus figures recommend that the actual figure be closer to 80,000.

Cyprus on Wednesday announced a slow relaxation of lockout measures following a drop in the number of infections in Covid-19, adding the reopening of number one schools and grocery shopping centres on 8 February.

The island has been strictly closed since 10 January after an increase in Covid-19 instances and the detection of a more contagious variant of the virus first known in the UK.

The ban on giant gatherings and the closure of grocery and restaurant purchases had already been announced in December, Reuters reports.

“We need any reckless and dangerous action that could undermine the effort to restore social and economic activity,” Health Minister Constantines Ioannou said at a press conference, delivering the cautious easing of lockout measures.

The government will allow the reopening of hairdressers and beauty salons from February 1, allow up to 50% of staff to repaint in service companies and allow a limited circle of family gatherings.

Starting February 8, grocery shopping centers, retail branches and number one schools will reopen for worship with up to 50 more people present.

Infections in Cyprus have been reduced to less than two hundred, depending on the day of the following week.

As of Tuesday, Cyprus had recorded a total of 30,252 cases since the start of the pandemic, with 190 deaths.

Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has warned of the “nationalism of vaccines” and a “reckless approach” to the pandemic.

In an interview with the German liberal newspaper, the German newspaper “Deddeutsche Zeitung” (surcharge), said it was time to settle for pandemics as a component of normality.

“Pandemics belong to the new normal, as the world trembles, tornadoes and climate changes,” he said in a translation of the German edition of his interview.

Gates warned policy makers for the lack of preparedness before Covid-19, despite repeated warnings about the likelihood of a pandemic and lamented the lack of transparent communication about the risks of the disease.

“It’s terrible that we still have to implore others to make sacrifices” to save lives,” he said. “We have to be informed of the lessons. ” She warned that the next pandemic may be “ten times more serious than this,” but that “we are not prepared for it. “

Recognizing that other people were under a lot of pressure and that the feeling of fatigue was “giant,” Gates said he thought it would take “the most productive component of the year” for life to return to the right speed.

Gates said the lack of cooperation between countries is a missed opportunity. “No country can be alone in its fight against the pandemic,” he said.

Malta is one of the eu’s least stringent countries in terms of restrictions to involve Covid-19, according to an Oxford University index.

But the country canceled the carnival occasions on Wednesday and imposed the 11 p. m. closing time in restaurants to involving the spread of the virus, Prime Minister Robert Abela said there would be no closure or curfew.

Abela said she would like to see the next two-day carnival holiday postponed in February, the Times of Malta reports.

“If it’s up to me, this is what I’d like to see happen,” he said.

When asked if the government plans to cancel the holiday, especially since it had recently argued that keeping young people in school reduced the number of new cases, Abela replied that this was her “desire. “

Eli Lilly and Co is testing her Covid-19 antibody cure in combination with some other remedy through Vir Biotechnology Inc and her spouse GlaxoSmithKline, in an effort to combat the new variants of coronavirus.

Reuters reports:

He said Wednesday that the collaboration marked the first time separate monoclonal antibodies would be tested together.

A study discovered in laboratory tests showed that anti-Covid-19 antibodies manufactured through Eli Lilly would possibly be less effective than a new variant of coronavirus discovered in South Africa.

“The addition of VIR-7831 to our study is a vital component of our commitment to expand treatments to treat existing and long-term strains of Covid-19 until vaccines are widely available and used,” said Daniel Skovronsky, scientific director of Eli Lilly.

South Africa has Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use and is reviewing programs from rival Johnson manufacturers

The opposition South African Democratic Alliance (DA) announced legal action on Wednesday to force President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government to publish the main points of its vaccination plans opposed to Covid-19.

Reuters reports:

He has been accused through fitness experts, scientists and political rivals of delaying the acquisition of vaccines opposed to the new coronavirus, rates he denies.

South Africa has experienced an outbreak of infections due to a new, more contagious variant of the virus called 501Y. V2, which raised the number of new daily instances to 21,000 in early January, has now fallen below 10,000.

“Ramaphosa needs a prisonless exit card, blaming the West for ordering on time. We don’t order on time, and now we blame everyone,” said Helen Zille, president of da’s Federal Council, in delivering the trial.

The African National Congress government is already fighting a series of court cases, adding demanding situations to the ban on the sale of alcohol to curb the virus and the ban on the sale of cigarettes, which the government has lost but intends to stop. remove. appeal.

AD lawyers had written to Ramaphosa, saying that he had a constitutional legal responsibility to be transparent about the procurement and distribution of vaccines, and threatening to take legal action if he published the main points until January 25.

He said South Africa would get its first 1. 5 million doses of the Indian Serum Institute’s AstraZeneca vaccine this month and next.

On Tuesday, Ramaphosa suggested that countries do not collect surplus vaccines.

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