Financial business plans are transferred in Telegraph to the former bank in Franklin.

The corner of Thirteen Mile and Telegraph can see a new life if the proposed plans come true.

The Village of Franklin is examining plans to build a new construction in the bank of America’s old design at 30777 Telegraph, southwest of the intersection. Plans would require a busy new construction through Wealth Trac Financial, a monetary planning company waiting to move to construction from its existing offices across the street at Bingham Farms.

The original site plan discussed at the Franklin Planning Commission assembly on February 17.

“When we had the opportunity to move to our own areaArray . . . we seek to take advantage of it,” Kurt Fillmore, founder and president of the company, said at the meeting.

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The plan requires a new construction with approximately 4,000 square feet of area to occupy the two acres of land on the plot, said Sarah Traxler of McKenna Associates, a planning representative for the village.

The site will continue to use existing sidewalks to the site from the Telegraph and thirteen Mile, a measure taken to restrict the amount of replacement that occurs on the property.

“We’re going to reuse a lot of the assets that already exist on site,” said Peter Stuhlreyer, a leading architect at Auburn Hills-based Designhaus Architecture, which is running the project.

The new construction would come with offices for the half-dozen existing workers operating in the monetary company, as well as an additional area for long-term growth. It would also include study rooms for educational seminars that can only be attended by dozens of others at a time.

Several disorders can see the assignment sent to the Zoning Appeals Board for deficiencies, adding parking disorders. The plan-making committee unanimously approved a solution by establishing a public hearing on the allocation at its March meeting. Once done, the plan-making committee will do so. vote on your council for the assignment, which will then be sent to the village council for final approval.

Several commissioners expressed support for the assignment at the meeting. Commissioner Peter Halick said he would integrate with Franklin.

“It looks like a hot building, ” he said. He’ll spend quite a bit in our village. “

Commissioner Nena Downing said she also approved the project, she would have liked the design to be more in line with the historical nature of the village.

“I love the plan, I wish you all good luck, ” he said. But it might still have an older combined use look, but that’s just me. “

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