Live Coronavirus: Greek fitness strike by conditions; Fauci says political department adds to U. S. deaths

Greek doctors marched in Athens on “suffocating” situations in hospitals; Fauci says the large number of deaths in America “should have happened”

Australia will accentuate its covid vaccination crusade with more vaccines starting next week, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said Tuesday after a time when the shipment of the vaccine was successful in the country overnight. Pfizer Inc and BioNtech from Germany arrived late on Monday, the government said. when the country entered at the time of day of a national vaccination program. Overall weekly doses will be more than 80,000 next week from 60,000 this week, the number is expected to be 1 million until the end of March, when CSL Ltd starts generating the AstraZeneca vaccine. Australia on Monday began mass vaccinations as opposed to Covid. for its other 25 million people after the arrival last week of a first batch of more than 142,000 doses of the Pfizer /BioNtech vaccine.

All of New Zealand is on alert point 1 after a coronavirus case organization in the Auckland network was effectively controlled, but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is under new pressure to think again about the country’s border controls.

Nick Wilson, epidemiologist and professor at the University of Otago, and the National Opposition Party are calling for isolation and a specially managed quarantine facility for commuted hotels.

Wilson told the Herald that the border reaction was “very problematic” and needed a review: “The failure rate is so unsustainable, with 11 problems at the border since last August. “Wilson plans to meet with ministers this week to discuss their concerns.

National’s Chris Bishop said a compromised quarantine facility, with separate ventilation systems for each room and facilities for on-site staff, could be built on land outside Auckland Airport, away from the city centre. Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced plans for such an installation last week.

But Ardern has resisted the idea so much, saying that bespoke construction would be a “significant demand” and not necessarily effective in preventing transmission, while the deployment of vaccination could replace what is required at the border.

More about New Zealand now:

Auckland has joined the rest of the country at alert level 1, dressing in the mask is now mandatory on all trains, buses and planes across the country. Experts have been calling for action for months, however, Covid-19 reaction minister Chris Hipkins told Radio New Zealand that the government wants to weigh conflicting reviews on whether they are effective as a precaution. Hipkins said the government will adopt a “pretty gentle” manual technique for implementation, first of all to give other people and transportation providers the opportunity to comply.

The Cabinet also did not force registration at the facility, even though the number of scans was minimal (which would be very important for the search for contacts in the event of an epidemic). Hipkins stated that the restriction posed implementation problems. as with other people who don’t have a phone.

The government reportedly has tactics for creating QR code scans as a precautionary measure, but Hipkins has been applauded through the vaccination program, which began this week.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health showed a new case of Covid-19 in the community, a schoolmate of the Auckland-born group.

The woman had had limited exposure to the original case but, as a classmate at Papatoetoe High School, asked to be tested and isolated at home.

The school closed last week as a precautionary measure; when it reopened yesterday, the woman and her brother had stayed home.

“Despite declining alert grades in the rest of the country, Papatoetoe High School and its network remained on alert 3rd, ” said Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins.

Hipkins asked all academics and teachers and some members of the family circle to come to school to receive some other check and have other people from other parts of New Zealand “be kind. “

“This is the first phase of the investigation of this specific case and we are asking others not to judge others. “

The number of cases now related to Auckland’s recent peak outbreak is nine. Analysis of wastewater in the Papatoetoe region, as well as nearly 70,000 tests processed since Sunday, gave

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday presented a four-step plan to ease restrictions on coronaviruses, and expressed hope that life will return to normal until the end of June, AFP reports.

In one parliament, he described a “progressive and prudent” technique for lifting borders in England, beginning with the reopening of schools from 8 March and non-essential department stores from 12 April.

Some enthusiasts can attend sporting events starting May 17, while all restrictions on social distance can be removed as of June 21, all topic to replace and based on clinical data.

The announcement is the first major step towards a return to general life, nearly a year after Johnson imposed the first of three home maintenance orders that devastated the British economy.

Johnson told MPs that with a mass vaccination program that alleges tension in overcrowded hospitals, “the end is in sight. “

“A depressing year will result in a spring and summer that will be very different and incomparably larger than the symbol we see around us today,” he added.

The conservative leader, accused of acting too late and loosening the sidewalks too early last year, said the plan would be “prudent but irreversible,” making sure there will be no more closures.

Labour opposition leader Keir Starmer has suggested Johnson give in to pressure from conservative lawmakers to get back to normal faster.

Such a “would waste all the sacrifices of the next 12 months,” Starmer warned.

Most of Australia’s greenhouse fuel relief last year is likely to disappear as shipment recovers from Covid-19 blockade and agriculture recovers from long-term drought, according to an audit of national weather data.

Scott Morrison told the National Press Club this month that the government “continues” to reduce emissions, bringing to light the official knowledge that showed that emissions fell by 3% in June to their lowest point since 1998. He said, “These are the facts. “

An audit through Hugh Saddler, a power representative and honorary associate professor at the UNA Crawford School of Public Policy, suggests that at least part of the decline will likely disappear:

Syria has the use of the Russian vaccine opposed to the Sputnik V coronavirus, announced on Monday its embassy in Moscow, AFP reports.

The country is the last to approve the Russian vaccine, named after the Soviet-era satellite Sputnik V registered in August before the start of clinical trials, leaving experts on suspicion.

But leading medical journal The Lancet published effects that looked like jab was effective at 91. 6%.

“The Syrian Arab Republic has completed all procedures for registering the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against coronavirus infection and has its legal use on its territory,” Russian news firm TASS quoted the Syrian embassy in a statement.

More than 30 countries have the vaccine, according to the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which financed its development.

In December, Syria joined the World Health Organization’s Covax initiative to acquire vaccines.

WHO, in collaboration with the UN Children’s Agency, UNICEF and Gavi, will cause Syria to take blows to first catch at least 3% of the population and target 20% by the end of the year.

Syria recorded 15,179 coronavirus infections and 998 virus deaths in government-controlled areas.

Kurdish-controlled territories in the northeast of the country recorded nearly 8,600 cases and 311 deaths, while the rebel-controlled northwest reported 21,121 infections and 408 deaths.

Russia supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the country’s civil war.

Italy reportedly deceived the World Health Organization (WHO) about its willingness to deal with a pandemic less than 3 weeks before the first transmitted case of coronavirus in the country is confirmed.

Each year, countries subject to the International Health Regulations (IHR), a foreign treaty to combat diseases globally, must submit a self-assessment report to WHO on the status of their preparedness for a fitness emergency.

Italy began its last self-assessment report on 4 February 2020. In segment C8 of the report, noted through The Guardian, where countries will have to assess their overall readiness to respond to a public fitness emergency, it ranks Italy at “Level 5”. , which is the highest point of preparation.

This category states that “the Health Emergency Response Coordination Mechanism and the Incident Management System of the National Emergency Response Center have been tested and updated as normal”.

However, last year it emerged that Italy had not updated its national pandemic plan since 2006, something that may have contributed to at least 10,000 Covid-19 deaths on the first wave and is a key detail in an investigation into alleged authorities. ‘mistakes made through prosecutors in Bergamo, the province of Lombardy which was severely affected at the beginning of the pandemic:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s most sensible infectious disease specialist, said the political divide has contributed particularly to the ‘astonishing’ number of coronavirus deaths in the United States, which surpassed 500,000 lives lost monday, Array Reuters reports.

The country had recorded more than 28 million Cases of Covid and 500,054 deaths as of Monday afternoon, according to a Reuters count of public fitness data. In an interview with Reuters, Fauci said Monday that the pandemic had reached the United States when the country was “even in the most productive circumstances, this would have been a very serious problem,” Fauci said, noting that despite strong aid for public fitness measures, countries like Germany and the UK have fought the virus. However, this does not explain how a rich and complicated country can have the highest percentage of deaths and be the most affected country in the world,” said Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Senior Adviser to President Joe. Biden.

“I don’t think that happened. “

While the United States accounts for about 4% of the world’s population, it has recorded approximately 20% of all Covid-19 deaths. Fauci reported the emergence of more contagious variants of coronavirus, especially those from South Africa and Brazil that have to decrease immunity against herbal infections and vaccines, it has been difficult to wait when the country will be able to put the pandemic on it. Fauci and Biden said the US and its allies in the Middle East have been able to do so. But it’s not the first time They deserve to return to everything that is coming in general life before the Christmas pandemic. Variants also replace the equation with respect to collective immunity, in which a population is protected from infection due to the maximum degrees of immunity opposed to vaccines or infections. When asked if this can still be achieved, Fauci said, “I think we can at least get collective immunity against the disease.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s largest infectious disease specialist, said the political department had contributed to Covid-19’s “astonishing” national death figure, which on Monday surpassed 500,000 deaths.

At the same time, Italy has reportedly misled the World Health Organization (WHO) about its willingness to deal with a pandemic less than 3 weeks before the first transmitted case of coronavirus in the country is confirmed.

Here are the advances of the last few hours:

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