Live political updates: Police officers to testify about Senate hearing over Capitol insurrection

WASHINGTON – Current and previous leaders of four law enforcement agencies tasked with protecting the U. S. Capitol will be questioned Tuesday through senators about their first public testimony about the fatal January 6 riots at the U. S. Capitol.

The hearing before two Senate committees comes when lawmakers investigate the escalation and upcoming reaction of law enforcement. Thousands of supporters of former President Donald Trump marched toward the Capitol on January 6, subdued police officers, broke in internally, and then ransacked construction on one thing left five other people dead.

The 4 questions answered by the Senate Committee on Government and Homeland Security and the Senate Rules and Administration Committee are acting Head of the Metropolitan Police Department, Robert Contee, the former police chief of the U. S. Capitol. But it’s not the first time Steven Sund, former Senate sergeant-in-arms Michael Stenger and former sergeant-in-arms Paul Irving.

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Lawmakers ask questions about preparation failures. Officers were beaten by protesters despite reports suggesting protests may turn violent. The Capitol police union criticized the officers for insufficient preparation and apparatus for the officers.

Senator Gary Peters, a Michigan Democrat presiding over the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, told reporters Monday that he expected more information about the intelligence of the attack, why the police were un prepared, and the main points about the deployment of the National Guard.

“Why weren’t you prepared to deal with what was a big violent attack on the Capitol?Peters says.

Sund, Stenger and Irving resigned after the January 6 attack. Capitol Police also opened an investigation into their own officials, recently saying that 35 of their officials were being investigated by the mutiny, six of whom were suspended for payment, a resolution reported by their union. like a witch hunt.

The organization may also seek answers about the delay in deploying the National Guard on Capitol Hill, which some law enforcement officials may have contributed to its response. Sun said in the past his requests to keep the National Guard on hold in the days leading up to the insurrection had been rejected. And Contee said in a closed-door briefing with lawmakers that the army workers’ corps “didn’t like the optics of boots on the floor of the Capitol. “

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