Matt Hancock announces primary adjustments at the border to combat Covid, with 10-year warning

All arrivals in the UK will now have to pass two more Covid tests during their 10-day isolation period, while those arriving from 33 “Red List” countries must remain quarantined in a hotel for 10 days when entering the UK. Accommodation in an approved accommodation in England will be charged 1,750 euros for your stay.

Anyone who has lied about reaching the UK from a Red List faces up to 10 years in prison.

Hefty fines have also been outlined for those who fail coronavirus tests before or after their trip to the UK.

Announcing the adjustments in the House of Commons, the Secretary of Health said: “People who disobey those regulations put us all at risk.

“Passenger carriers shall have the legal responsibility that passengers have subscribed to these new arrangements prior to travel, and will be fined if they do not, and we will introduce serious fines for those who fail to comply.

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This includes a penalty of 1000 euros for any foreign arrival that does pass a mandatory test, a penalty of 2000 euros for any foreign arrival that does pass the mandatory test at the moment, as well as the automatic extension of its quarantine era to 14 days, and a constant fine of 5,000 euros, amounting to 10,000 euros, for arrivals that are quarantined in a designated hotel. “

He added: “Anyone who begs in the passenger’s location form and seeks to hide that he was in a country on the red list within 10 days before arriving here faces a criminal sentence of up to 10 years. “

A total of 16 hotels, with a total of 4,600 rooms, have signed contracts with it for the new quarantine hotel system.

All foreign travelers, who are remote at home or in a hotel, must pay for Covid trials at the time and eighth day of their 10-day isolation.

The difficult new measures will come into force from Monday 15 February and have been tested to prevent a vaccine-resistant coronavirus variant from entering the countdown.

NHS temporarily inoculates Britons who oppose coronavirus, and more than 23% of British adults now receive a first dose of the vaccine.

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However, the vaccine is thought to offer minimal coverage against mild to moderate cases of the South African coronavirus variant.

Ministers hope that the new border restrictions announced today through Hancock will prevent the mutant strain, as well as any other strains, from being imported into Britain.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said last night that he thought it was “likely” that the AstraZeneca vaccine, like other vaccines, offered “substantial” coverage against serious diseases of the South African variant, but that a booster vaccine might be needed to deal with new variants of the virus in the future.

Lately there are at least 147 South African strains in the UK.

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The chairman of the Special Committee on Health and Social Welfare and former Conservative Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt “strongly supports” new border measures.

However, Jon Ashworth of Labour said the passing government’s plan did not happen enough.

Responding to Hancock’s announcement in the Commons, he said: “Our first line of defense is to do everything possible to prevent them from introducing new variants.

“This secures our borders to isolate new variants as they arrive.

“Today he announced a detailed package, but he did announce full quarantine checks at the borders.

“Then why then, when more than a part of the countries where the South African variant has been known – why more than part of them on the so-called red list?”

He added that the British are calling on the government to “go further with larger quarantine arrangements. “

Mr. Hancock pledged to update the “red list”, there are new countries of interest.

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