Nicola Sturgeon BLOW: SNP warns of ‘big mistake’ in Scotland’s independence plot

John Lloyd, a political expert and former member of the Communist and Labour Party, insisted that the other inhabitants of Scotland were not well informed of the realities of independence. In his speech on TRT World, Lloyd said Nicola Sturgeon had not succeeded on two key issues of independence.

He said: “The error of Scotland’s independence is twofold.

“First of all, the Scottish National Party has told the People of Scotland something about the fact of the economy.

“Scotland’s economy, whenever it is independent, this economy will require a point of austerity that the SNP has blamed on Westminster.

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“This time it will be scotland’s austerity and it will be very austere.

“Instead, the SNP has put the other Scots to sleep, as they did Salmond and they still do with Sturgeon, more gently, thinking that if Scotland left the UK, it would soon be like Denmark and Sweden.

“We, the UK, are a tax union, each and every one of its components is in a tax union where the centre ensures that the degrees of public spending are leveled.

“In fact, Scotland receives more than England, just like Northern Ireland. “

But skilled politician Sir John Curtice insisted that Boris Johnson might be forced to turn to Nicola Sturgeon in his quest for independence.

While talking to TRT World, she said the Prime Minister would have difficulty denying Sturgeon a referendum if she has a majority of the company after the 2021 election in Holyrood.

Sir John said: “In my opinion, the SNP will have to win a majority in this election.

“It is true if they need to have any chance of filing their case in the near future.


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“If they do that, they will have replicated the good fortune they achieved in the Scottish Parliament elections in 2011. “

“It is this achievement of ten years ago that led then Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to say that I am satisfied that you have the ethical right to hold a referendum.

“So this is a precedent that will weigh on the British government, if the SNP manages to unload an absolute majority. “

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