Norwegian borders hermetically sealed since 29 January

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has closed the country’s border in an effort to prevent variants of coronavirus in Norway.

“In practice, the border is closed,” Solberg said at a press convention in Oslo. Despite the drop in the number of infections in Norway, Solberg said stricter measures were “absolutely necessary” to involve the various viral mutations.

Norway is closed to all

Unlike previous versions of access rules, there are very few exceptions. Apart from the return of Norwegian citizens to the country, only “socially critical personnel” are exempt. This includes staff in a very limited number of categories, as well as residents’ parents. “This means that many foreign employees come to Norway,” Solberg confirmed.

The closure of the border will take effect on Friday 29 January for two weeks, when the stage will be reviewed, but Solberg presses that Norwegians are preparing for strict measures for some time.


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