Norwegian parties agree to expand pension plans

(Bloomberg) – Norway’s ruling tripartite coalition agreed with the Opposition Progress Party to restrictions on personal occupational pension schemes so that they can be extended to young and part-time workers.

Adjustments would require employers to make contributions to the pension fund to those who work just one day a week, to staff earning less than the fundamental amount under the national insurance formula, now to 101,351 kronor ($11883) according to the year, and to public servants under the age of 20. Pensions, which complement the national old-age pension, would also come from the first crown rather than the crown above a fundamental amount.

Adjustments are likely to be made from 2023 so companies have time to deal with the consequences of the pandemic, the parties said on a joint Saturday. tax contributions for a transitional era of 3 years or other relief.

The government of Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who leads the Conservative Party, wants Progress to approve projects in Parliament after wasting its majority a year ago when the anti-immigration party left the coalition. style from cradle to grave amid considerations about emerging inequality and an ageing population.

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