Rwandan opposition in exile shot dead in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG – South African police are investigating the death of exiled Rwandan opposition politician Seif Bamporiki, who killed in Cape Town.

Bamporiki, party coordinator of the Rwandan National Congress in South Africa, was shot dead Sunday in Nyanga Township near Cape Town.

According to police, Bamporiki owned a bedding business and delivered a bed in the canton when he attacked through two men.

“It is alleged that the deceased and another man, 50 years old, were delivering a bed in the neighborhood when they were approached by two unknown suspects,” said one member of the Western Cape province police.

“The deceased was pulled out of his vehicle and shot, while the 50-year-old guy accompanying him controlled to escape unscathed. The suspects, who have not yet been arrested, fled with the deceased’s vehicle,” he said. took Bamporiki’s wallet and cell phone, police said.

Other Rwandan opposition politicians have been killed or attacked in South Africa, leading to diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

In 2010, former Rwandan army leader Faustin Kayumba Nyama survived an assassination attempt when they shot himself at his car at the entrance to his Johannesburg home. In 2014, his space was stolen, which led South Africa to expel Rwandan diplomats from the country after tying up his intelligence. officials to the raid.

In retaliation, Rwanda expelled six South African diplomats and accused the government of harboring Rwandan dissidents he accused of terrorism.

In 2013, Rwandan opposition politician Patrick Karegeya was discovered dead in a luxurious Johannesburg hotel where he had been to a meeting. He was one of the discoverers of the Rwandan National Congress and his murder was widely suspected for political reasons.

Rwandan opposition activists exiled in South Africa have long accused President Paul Kagame of ordering attacks against their leaders in South Africa, accusations that have been denied through TheArray.

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