Singapore sees others travel this year as more and more people get vaccinated

“Actually, it’s the soft thing at the end of the long tunnel,” Ong said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Monday. “With vaccination and vaccination certification, we can start withdrawing some border measures to allow some travel to begin this year. . “

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Ong said he was “not holding his breath” for a V-shaped recovery in aviation, but hoped that some runners with other countries would be able to open this year as more people vacunate and spaces become safe or gain collective immunity. This year’s recovery will be to locate “a new standard” that allows it to happen, he said.

Singapore’s efforts to open its borders have stagnated, with a plan to allow business travelers to avoid quarantine and remain in a compromised facility near the airport, the Business Times reported Monday. Businessmen and travelers were scheduled to start in January, however, the tourist office did not choose operators for amenities where visitors would stay.

The tourism and facilities sectors are very important gears in Singapore’s economy. The island state has tried to reopen borders by building greenways and special agreements with countries where the virus is largely under control, such as New Zealand and Australia. agreements with Germany, Malaysia and South Korea for 3 months from February 1, resulting in a build-up of virus cases worldwide.

Singapore recorded about 60,000 Covid-19s in total.

World Economic Forum

The delay in the bubble plan, where visitors can enter without quarantine for 14 days, provided they remain in a facility near Changi Airport and go through normal testing, follows the postponement of the annual World Economic Forum assembly, which Singapore hosts in May. A planned salon with Hong Kong was also suspended in November after a buildup of coronavirus cases in Hong Kong.

Ong said the government is based on the basis that it can involve and manage the dangers for the World Economic Forum assembly to take a position in August without participants having to spend about 40 days.

A Singapore Exhibition facility has been designated as a imaginable operator for the pilot, developed through a consortium led through Temasek Holdings Pte, which he said was still on track to open in the first quarter, according to the report. rooms and 170 function rooms.

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