WC Health MEC visits Tygerberg Hospital vaccination site to track progress

Provincial Health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo sees the Tygerberg vaccine on Tuesday morning, where dozens of fitness staff are vaccinated.

#SAvacunas Dr. Coreen Ellis works at the pharmacy adjacent to the vaccination site, filling syringes to administer the injections. KB pic. twitter. com/pUiU7dyIqh

Eyewitness News reporter Kevin Brandt spoke to several fitness care staff members who told him the vaccine was a symbol of hope for the fitness industry.

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Last week, Western Cape won more than 13,000 Johnson vaccines

According to the Department of Health, more than 23,000 fitness have been vaccinated across the country.

In Western Cape, the number of fitness personnel empned at 3. 9five7 at five o’clock in the afternoon. On Monday it is believed that the figure exceeded 4,000 today.

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Some [health workers] say this vaccine is the promise of an end to the pandemic, but also of more future days.

The ECA has still been vaccinated and this is because there are very strict criteria for those first few days of vaccination of fitness workers.

They will have to be patient-oriented, which means they will have to be actively interested in patient care. In addition, physical care personnel working in a Covid-19 service take precedence.

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