We love you! MEP breaks the flag to denounce EU chaos after Brexit: ‘Uk would have led the fight!

Swedish MEP Charlie Weimers said conservative EU capitals lacked London’s influence and sensitivity in the Brussels decision-making process and warned that Britain’s departure from the bloc had strengthened fan positions to create a full-throttle European superstate. With Express. co. uk, Weimers cited the creation of the EU’s 750 billion euro recovery fund as an example of how conservative Member States waste the argument without UK HELP.

Local Sweden, in addition to Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands, were members of the so-called “four frugals” of nations that opposed plans to give Brussels the strength to create a non-unusual debt fund to rescue the regions and industries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

On his failed struggle, Weimers said: “The UK would have led it!

“The UK’s exit has our influence at the Brussels summit.

“Without the UK, Sweden wants to be more proactive. And this was not the case with our government, which was the first of the Frugals to give in to the budget negotiations.

During its 47 years of EU membership, Britain maintained the balance that prevented France and Germany from exerting its influence over the rest of the bloc.

Weimers now believes that hard capitals will use the so-called Conference on the Future of Europe to create more centralized powers in Brussels.

He hopes that they will use the occasion as a “back door” to review the EU treaty and make the bloc “even bigger” than it is now.

On the LONG-term progression of the EU, Weimers said: “Realistic, it will be as it is now, but even bigger, even more centralised.

“We will have a first indication of the scenario where we will be in 10 years at the Conference on the Future of Europe. “

And he warned that the European Parliament would stand by defying the EU’s creation of a “superstate. “

“The European Parliament in a democracy would aim to restrict the strength of the executive,” the Swedish MEP said.

Weimers predicted that EU reform would be driven despite emerging degrees of anti-Brussels sentiment.

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He said Euroscepticism will continue to flourish as the bloc tries to exploit the pandemic for more powers.

Weimers said the “vaccine fiasco” orchestrated through Brussels had caused Euroscepticism in his home country.

But he added that citizens of other Member States, such as the Netherlands and Denmark, are also the price of the bloc, while the UK’s vaccination programme is ahead of the EU.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has assessed the pace of Covid’s coup deployment across the bloc.

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He said: Ursula von der Leyen said this was the time for Europe. And I’ll have to admit that this is Europe’s embarrassing moment. “

“Mrs Von der Leyen hid for the maximum this week and it turns out that no one in the Commission has taken over the situation. The departments are turning the ball around, blaming each other, while it’s focusing on hurtArray. “

“What this crisis shows is that the EU will never miss a smart crisis; this is true for the pandemic and shows that the EU is not in a position to generate jobs. “

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