Will there be a site for the Covid 19 vaccine for more than 65 years?

Buell Lane Ext. 18,000 feet ???

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By: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church



East Hampton, N. J. – St. Luke’s Episcopal Church will hold two conversations with biblist Elizabeth Struthers Malbon about Mark’s gospel. The first is titled “Good News for the whole story, the characters and the audience”, on Saturday, March 6 from 4 p. m. at 5:30 p. m. La, entitled “Echoes and Implications”, will take place on Saturday thirteen March from four p. m. until 5:30 p. m.

Professor Malbon will begin by presenting her assumptions about the gospel according to Mark before illustrating from the story how hitale is “good news” for other people’s teams, adding fallible followers, women and men, and their own people and “foreigners. “You’ll also read about what this “good news” might mean for Mark’s audience, whether in the first century and the 21st century. At the end of each presentation, Professor Malbon will get questions from his listeners.

This Zoom presentation can be obtained by registering in stlukeseasthampton. org/community-events.

Dr. Elizabeth Struthers Malbon, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech’s Department of Religion and Culture, has written five eBooks (four on the Gospel of Mark), as well as articles and chapters of e-books. She has also edited or co-edited six e-books, mainly in biblical literary criticism, and is an active member of several professional groups, in addition to the Society of Biblical Literature and the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars, where she is coordinator of the program.

By: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church




East Hampton, NY – St. Luke’s Episcopal Church will have two conversations with biblist John Dominic Crossan: “Last week: The Death of Jesus,” “The Last Week: The Resurrection of Jesus. “

The first convention will take place on Saturday, March 20 from the afternoon. at 5:30 p. m. ; The time the convention will take place on Saturday, March 27 from the afternoon. until 5:30 p. m.

Professor Crossan will explain why Jesus went to Jerusalem this Easter, why he was executed there on a Roman cross and why his next confirmation through God was proclaimed exactly as “Resurrection” (Anastasis in Greek). At the end of his presentations, briefly adding videos, Professor Crossan will answer questions. This Zoom presentation can be obtained by registering in stlukeseasthampton. org/community-events.

John Dominic Crossan, emeritus professor of religious studies at DePaul University, is a biblical scholar with postgraduate degrees in exegesis from the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome and archaeology of the Jerusalem Bible School, beggar brother and Catholic priest, co-chair of the seminary of Jesus and president of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Why is this after the facts about the vaccine?It would be great to get an opinion so we can go get vaccinated.

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